Sunday, December 6, 2015

A Fall Full of Tangling!

What a wonderful, creative time!

As the holidays begin, I'm making time to reflect on all the fun I've had this year tangling with friends— old and new.  My "students" have ranged from teens to those who have lived long lives. I have offered classes and fundraisers to over 350 people...
  • in libraries in Rockland, Westchester and Bergen counties
  • The Ramsey, NJ Community School
  • at The Art School at Old Church in Demarest NJ
  • to friends in The Circle Way Practicum on Whidbey Island
  • as a fundraiser at the International Forum of Visual Practitioners conference, Austin, TX
  • to friends at the Points of You Trainer Certification Program at Bailey Farms, Ossining, NY
  • through the Armchair Artist program at The Infusion Center at Englewood Hospital.
I have loved the transformational nature of this beautiful art form. Here are some representative pieces from the sessions and my own work since August and a few comments...

"Very good explanations-step by step is great! Tons of fun! I’m a member of AENJ-I will recommend you as a presenter."
Karen Elder
Leonia Library

"Never thought it would be this relaxing with such an interesting outcome."
Joyce Delaney
Montvale Library

"Love that it’s so forgiving. So unexpected and mysterious."
Lisa McGrath
Ramsey Community School

"Love every minute of it. Was not going to take this class as I did not think I had any artistic abilities (which I don’t). But this class has been one of the things I’ve ever done. If I could do it, anyone can. It is SO much fun. Will be doing this for a long, long time.”
Marie Dorey
The Art School at Old Church

"Jill has many ideas to share on many varied mediums. She taught different tangles each week and always was willing to help others when needed. Great class and sorry to see it end."
Sharlene Cerborino
The Art School at Old Church

"So much fun-addictive-you’ll amaze yourself what you can create only after one class."
Joyce Kubinec
Greenburgh Library

"Totally absorbing practice and great instruction and nice positive reinforcement. (I’d love to do a group with my teen and her friends.)"
Laura Burke
Greenburgh Library Staff

"Very interesting to see how simple it is to draw such an intricate pattern."
Jo Monahan
Emerson Library

Some of my more recent work...

Are you thinking ahead to sharing gifts at the holidays? I am! Perhaps it will be a set of coasters made from my tiles (look at under custom printing), a ceramic mug with gorgeous designs, a friend's name in tangles or Bijou tiles (2x2 inches) decorated with watercolor pencils and sparkly pens, and strung for a Christmas tree...

Remember the special feeling you experience when you receive a hand-made gift? Consider tangling for your family and friends.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season,

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Tangling with My North House Mates on Whidbey Island

It was a dark and stormy night...

Well, it was at least a dark and very late night when we began our tangling... So dark that we had to take pictures the next morning!

What a great way to end one of our wonderful days.

Fine artists all!

So many tangling goodies in one place!

The Greenburgh Library generously offered me a space to showcase some of my Zentangle pieces. 

Happily, my (show)case was flanked by cases full of the work of the library staff—
we had such a fun afternoon!

Playing with new materials!

Five sessions of Zentangle at The Art School at Old Church led me to explore new materials... What do you think of these?

The disks will become another fun necklace—they're double-sided! And, the shell, well, just a pretty piece.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Jam-packed June!!!

Greenburgh was standing room only!

Jill was awesome. You have lots of patience. Jill, you are a great teacher with a lot of passion in your work.
K. Shet

So much fun-addictive-you’ll amaze yourself what you can create only after one class. 
J. Kubinec
Love it! Jill is a great teacher and a creative artist.
D. Lennon

Harrington Park—so much fun!

Egads! This is fun, quick, cool results!
B. Jones

So informative! Thanks Jill, you make this look so easy and fun!
L. Krivoruk

Jill was able to take us step by step to create intricate, detailed patterns-and in a fun, non-competitive way!
D. Dicola

My class begins at The Art School at Old Church...

Working together for five sessions provides the opportunity to play with the wonderful tools—white, black, and tan tiles plus Zendalas! Fantastic!!

Marvelous May...

in Croton... 

 Class was Great. Thank you!
S. Klurfeld

and Somers, NY!

Fascinating , relaxing, I think this would be a good intervention for children with ADD.
M. Plolaro

 Fun, Fun, Fun!!!
T. Melillo

Fab and fun!
M. Merson

Great Workshop. The time flew.
R. Russo

April flew by!

The sessions at Ramsey Community School were great!

Franklin Lakes was a wonderful redux...

Montvale was great!

 It was wonderful. Very calming. Lots of fun.
Marie Dineen

Thank you for teaching us. I wish to learn more in the future from you. You are the best teacher, very clear and very precise.
Yuon Rose

Never thought it would be so relaxing with such an interesting outcome.
J. Delaney

And, Leonia was fun!

Very good explanations-step by step is great! Tons of fun! I’m a member of AENJ-I will recommend you as a presenter. K. Elder
 The class was fun, interesting and new experience-I like learning new things.
B. Malcolm
The class was fun, interesting and new experience-I like learning new things.
B. Malcolm

Zentangle makes me comfortable and pleased. It’ll help me focus when drawing. Thank you so much, Jill and your honey!!!