Sunday, November 24, 2013


Thanks for stopping by to take a peek into the fabulous world of Zentangle!

My journey into this wonderful, creative experience began over six months ago while searching for resources for high school students/my coaching clients. My quest centered on discovering a variety of philosophical frameworks, methods, and tools for working through and past the feelings of anxiety that accompany aspects of the college admissions process. In my years of working with students I had suggested exercises from the fields of positive psychology and meditation, and they had been very successful with students... yet when I expanded my practice to include visual coaching and deeper, richer sources for creating a healthy, resilient mindset, I found Zentangle, the creation of Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas—and I was hooked!

Here's just one example...

Just two weeks ago I completed Rick and Maria's fabulous seminar and I'm now a Certified Zentangle Teacher! I'm so excited to share this amazing practice! Today I will be offering handcrafted cards at the from 4:30 to 6 pm at the Melodia Bazaar, at West End Collegiate Church, 245 West 77th Street, between Broadway and West End Avenue.

Hope you will stop by... or get in touch with me to learn more!


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